This is an archive of the Revenant project, which started in September 2017. The aim of this site is to document my discography, the story behind each song, the history behind the project itself, and my other ventures.Feel free to check out the music tab to begin reading. The about tab has more information regarding me as a person, Parable Collective, and more.


Parable Collective

A music label and commmunity started with friends. A home for artists and music lovers brought together with the goal of being a place for people to make new friends, share their knowledge and skills, and have fun.Our links are as follows:



A music duo I formed with my friend _chris elrik in 2020. An alias characterised by aggressive and atypical music. To view our discography and more, click here.

ghost kid club

Another music project currently in the works. An alias for indie pop music.
To view its discography and more, click here.

The Medical Cookbook and The A-Level Cookbook

Side projects aimed at delivering content to A-Level Science and Mathematics students, and undergraduate medical students, to help with exams.For more information, click here for The A-Level Cookbook or click here for The Medical Cookbook.

The A-Level Cookbook

This is a side project aimed at giving A-Level students studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics free revision and teaching material.I have been tutoring A-Level and GCSE students since 2018 and personally feel that all people studying deserve the same opportunities as their counterparts to achieve their future goals. Around 7% of doctors are from working-class backgrounds, and the plethora of pay-to-win-esque services such as interview preparation and high-intensity tutoring further enables this divide.The YouTube channel can be found here.A huge thank you goes to my best friends, Shahana for providing illustrations, and Hannah for the logo and branding.

leaving you made me feel alive again


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singles and remixes

All singles and remixes in chronological order.